The becka-Schmötzer Special Processes

Without dismantling, by applying different processes, repairs are executed directly onsite and in the machine. Printers, printing press manufacturers, dealers, service companies as well as insurance groups contact us when quick and lasting repairs are required. Damaged parts of the cylinders or rollers are treated with special materials – matching the original characteristics or user specifications. These parts are then worked to the original dimensions with highest precision; this process allows a quick and durable repair.

Following a thorough analysis of the damage, we decide which of our processes is the most applicable and we like to share this with you. Rest assured, that the downtime of your machine – and therefore your damages and costs – are minimized.

The Fill-up-Process

“Bath-less” special galvanic process; applied at partial damages, e.g. scores, scratches, impacts, deterioration and marks.

The Welding-Process

Special welding method; applied at various damages to cylinders, rollers and special applications.

The Inlay-Process

Manufacturing and fixing an inlay; applied at broken and highly deformed cylinder-gaps.

The Spray-Process

Removal of the damaged material and replacement with corrosion resistant material; applied at heavily corroded and worn surfaces.

The Grinding-by-Machine-Process

Highest precision through grinding by machine; applied at partial or complete grinding of cylinders and cylinder-gaps in the press, also in combination with the above mentioned processes.