Cylinder- & Roller-Damages: becka is the Specialist

Damages to cylinders and rollers are one of the most unpleasant experiences in every day’s production business. The causes are many: screws, foreign objects, ball bearing balls, ink knives, tools run through the machine – respectively are simply forgotten. Exchanging a cylinder means a lot of downtime and expense. The quick and professional repair of a damaged cylinder onsite is the perfect solution. We are specialized in this field and are operating globally.

In June 2013 the integration of the business segment repairs of printing-cylinders and -rollers of the Hubert Schmötzer GmbH into Becka Eilservice für Druckmaschinen took place. We established the by far leading and most versatile company for repairs of cylinders, rollers and hydraulic systems.

Our service portfolio ranges from a small/quick to an extensive repair. Everything from a single source – a reliable, globally operating and highly specialized company; unchallenged in professionalism, experience, research & development, special tools and competence.

The longstanding ”field-proven” know-how as well as our one of a kind tools and machines – especially for plating and precision grinding of the partial and complete cylinder within the machine – provide an ideal solution for eliminating extensive cylinder damages, e.g. low-areas, deterioration and corrosion.

Becka Eilservice für Druckmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1974 by Mr. Gerhard Becka and was acquired by Mr. Martin Buttlar in January 2010.

The Hubert Schmötzer GmbH was established by Mr. Hubert Schmötzer in 1990. Following an extensive analysis of a possible acquisition, the take-over of the business segment repairs of printing-cylinders and -rollers through Becka Eilservice für Druckmaschinen was realized end of May 2013.

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We repair on site – in the machine – without disassembly – worldwide